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During    80´s    Suzuki    Cavalcade    was    the    most    powerful    and    most    equipped motorcycle   of   its   time   for   traveling   giving   the   ultimate   pleasure   for   the   driver   and the   passenger.   Still   today   it   has   some   specialities   presented   to   new   cars   and bikes,    like    in    LXE-model    a    turning    switch    activated    lower    driving    light.   All models are based on same body and engine. Between    1985    and    1990    only    8500    Cades    were    manufactured,    mainly    to american   markets.   At   least   10   were   imported   to   Finland   by   Nakkilan   Pyörä   ja Mopo ,   Kuvan   Moottoripalvelu    and   Motsikka    -companies.   Today   we   have   about 30 Cades here. Read the story how SCCF was founded in 2006.
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