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Suzuki Cavalcade Club Finland
Suzuki Cavalcade Club Finland The birth of SCC Finland
Back   in   2000   I´ve   got   the   first   glimps   of   this   big   bike.   For   a   few   years   Cade   was   constantly   in   my   mind   and   I   decided   to place an announcement to the “Yellow Market” Keltainen Pörssi paper. Motorcycle importer Timo Herranen from Japsirauta    bike   shop   contacted   me.   He   had   an   1988   LX   model   for   sale   in   California.   We   came   to   a   deal   and   I   saw   my   Cade live   in   Timo´s   garage   on   summer   2004.   It   was   truely   love   at   first   sight   making   me   forgot   Voyagers,   Harleys   and   Gold Wings. My soul was sold to Cavalcade! During first summer I got to know the Cade a bit more thinking is it really possible to lose my heart to this bike. So be it. I   started   to   locate   other   Cades   and   owners   in   Finland,   which   was   not   an   easy   task.   I   learnt   to   know   that   establishing   a Cavalcade-Club   was   in   mind   of   Rauno   Urpalainen   from   Motsikka    back   in   80’s.   For   the   lack   of   his   time   to   the   cause   it   was only   an   idea   for   some   time.   After   visiting   Ranu   I   decided   to   give   it   a   try   if   I   only   can   find   more   Cade   riders   willing   to commit to establish the club. Club   foundation   protocol   was   signed   by   myself,   Ari   Lekander,   Heikki   Salonen   and   Jari   Lassila   in   Lahti   city   at   ST1    gas   station on   Tampereentie   352.   It   was   then   sent   to   governments   association   registry   for   approvance   dated   20th   of   May   2006. Officially   the   club   was   founded   one   month   later   20th   of   June   2006.   So   finally,   after   21   years   since   first   Cavalcade   landed   on finnish soil, Suzuki Cavalcade Club Finland ry was officially registered. Today the club consists of 24 members. We have 32 Cades in traffic and eight is known removed from motor vehicle register or trashed. Kouvola 12th of March 2012 Juha Heinonen, SCCF president